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Effective ceiling waterproofing and leak repair services play an important role in protecting residential, commercial, and industrial property from damage caused by water infiltration.

If you have a leaking ceiling, the source of the problem is very likely in the floor above, and this is where the issue has to be addressed for an efficient waterproofing solution.

If your ground-floor deck is attached to your house – as most are – or you have a roof deck, you need deck ceiling waterproofing to prevent water from seeping into your main building.

Revo-seal’s broad range of waterproofing works includes concrete ceiling waterproofing. This typically involves a rigid or semi-flexible means to achieve water resistance and is a highly-efficient way to waterproof internal concrete surfaces, particularly in waterproofing a cement ceiling in wet areas.

A common mistake that DIY-ers make is trying to seal a ceiling with water-repellent paint, which only serves to trap the water that’s already built up between the ceiling and the substrate. This water will continue to accumulate until it’s halted at the source.

Our ceiling waterproofing and leak repair service removes the dangers of a leaking ceiling

A build-up of water in your basement, bathroom, or shower ceiling may well be an indication of water seepage from your roof, causing water to drip down the walls on its descending route throughout your property.

A water incursion issue such as this can have dire consequences. If allowed to continue, the water infiltration may wreak havoc in every room of your property, destroying fittings, furniture, and personal possessions.

If water penetration has reached your basement ceiling, it’s likely to continue its downwards journey, right into the building’s foundations, threatening the structural integrity of your property.

Excess moisture that accompanies a leaking ceiling can also result in the formation of mould, which produces allergens that can lead to breathing problems and attack the body’s immune system. Old people and children are especially at risk.

A leaking shower or bathroom ceiling can quickly become a major health hazard if water gets into electrical fittings, posing the danger of electrocution.

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Revo-seal’s basement ceiling, bathroom ceiling, and shower ceiling waterproofing can add value to your property

Basement ceiling, shower ceiling, and bathroom ceiling that are properly sealed and not showing signs of water seepage will hold you in good stead if you decide to sell your property. It tells prospective buyers that you’ve taken good care of your premises, which potentially raises the value of your property.

So, if you spot even a tiny water stain on a shower, basement, or bathroom ceiling, don’t ignore it! Calling in Revo-seal at this stage will avoid the expense later of having to repair damage and turning away potential buyers caused by water leakages.

Signs you need quality ceiling leak repair services

Signs ceiling waterproofing, leak repair is neededIt’s a good idea to regularly inspect your basement, shower, and bathroom ceilings for signs of leakage.

If you find evidence of water penetration on your ceiling, and the water appears to be relatively clean, you may have leaking plumbing. If, however, the water is causing dirty stains, it’s highly likely that your waterproofing system has broken down somewhere and you need a ceiling leak repair.

3 common signs of ceiling water intrusion are:

  1. Spots of water on the ceiling. This is a definite sign that you may have a water seepage problem, most likely stemming from the floor above.
  2. Cracks or bubbling paint on the ceiling. An indication of a level of water damage that needs the services of ceiling waterproofing experts.
  3. Buckling inwards of the ceiling. This signifies a huge build-up of water and requires immediate action.

Ceiling leaks commonly occur because of wear and tear of the waterproof membrane and screed. And the problem is more prevalent in older buildings, particularly in wet areas, such as bathrooms and showers.

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Signs of water infiltration in a basement, shower, bathroom or deck ceiling may point to a serious underlying problem.

Revo-seal will carry out a free site evaluation to trace your ceiling leakage issue back to its root cause and then advise you on the most effective waterproofing treatment.

We guarantee prompt action to solve your ceiling leakage problem, with a standard warranty of 5 years, depending on the waterproofing system.

Revo-seal technicians keep up-to-speed with the latest waterproofing technologies, so they can provide customers with the best possible service ­– using the latest, most advanced waterproofing materials available – to ensure a long-lasting, highly-efficient ceiling waterproofing system.

Revo-seal will ensure you have a dry and comfortable place in which to live or work.

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