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Revo-seal, a specialist waterproofing works contractor, is able to offer an extensive range of high-calibre services to keep homes, shops, offices, and factories safe from water penetration.

If you’re a householder, efficient waterproofing is imperative to protect you and your loved ones from the health hazards associated with water incursion.

If you’re running a commercial or industrial business, effective waterproofing will provide a safe, dry, and comfortable environment for your employees and customers.

Waterproofing for residential and business premises is also essential to spare you the heavy expense of repairing extensive water damage, which can threaten the structural integrity of your building.

Our waterproofing works comply with the regulations and guidelines of the government and professional bodies. These include standards laid down by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

Besides roof, ceiling, wall, and floor waterproofing works, our waterproofing technicians are experienced in water seepage repairs.

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Waterproofing works catered by Revo-seal

Tools used for roof waterproofing

Roof waterproofing

A breakdown in roof waterproofing can cause significant damage throughout your premises as water seepage obeys the laws of gravity and sets out on its downward journey throughout your property.

Roof leakage may not be apparent until the damage has been done and you realise that the root of ceiling and wall staining or water pooling in your basement lies in your roof.

To prevent extensive damage from roof water leaks, it’s crucial to take advantage of roof waterproofing works by a specialist contractor.

Waterproofed ceiling of industrial building

Ceiling waterproofing

Ceiling leaks are typically caused by a problem in the floor above or the roof itself. Like roof seepage, leakage from a ceiling can spread to every room beneath, damaging furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

If your basement ceiling is leaking, the water is likely to travel down the walls and into the building’s foundations.

Ceiling waterproofing by a reliable contractor can prevent serious structural damage to your property.

Spotlight on waterproofed flooring

Wall & floor waterproofing

Waterproofing of floors and external and internal walls is also key to safeguarding the structural integrity of your building.

Besides protecting your property, specialist wall waterproofing and floor waterproofing services will also avoid health hazards such as the formation of potentially toxic mildew and mould, which can cause breathing problems.

Technicians preparing for water seepage repair

Water seepage repair

Singapore’s climate of heavy rainfall poses a particular risk to your waterproofing systems, especially if they weren’t installed by experts in the first place.

Our specialists in water seepage repair works can fix water leakage problems by installing the latest waterproofing materials, using the correct techniques.

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We have been carrying out highly-effective roof, ceiling, wall, and floor waterproofing works and water seepage repairs for close to 10 years, gaining a solid reputation for honesty and dependability.

We use only the best waterproofing materials and guarantee our residential, commercial, and industrial waterproofing works for 5 years, depending on the waterproofing system.

Revo-seal will ensure you have a dry and comfortable place in which to live or work.

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