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Revo-seal’s effective interior and exterior basement waterproofing and seepage repair services will protect your home from the elements.

One of the main reasons you need quality basement waterproofing is that this space forms a big part of your home’s foundations.

Problems caused by a wet basement

Many factors can cause a wet basement, including cracked walls that allow water to seep in – a particular problem in Singapore because of its high humidity and heavy rainfall.

A wet or damp basement will decrease the value of your house by deterring potential buyers. The services of Revo-seal, the professional residential waterproofing company, will help to maintain your basement to a high standard, ensuring your home retains – or even increases – its value.

Also, a wet basement restricts useable space in your house, no one wants to spend time in an unpleasant, dank environment.

Further, a wet concrete basement provides the ideal environment for mould and other types of harmful bacteria to thrive, posing a serious risk to the health of you and your family, as well as eating into the concrete and damaging the foundations of the house. In cases like this, you need advice from a company experienced in concrete basement waterproofing.

Common causes of basement water leakage

Revo-seal will be able to assist you in identifying the root of the problem in a wet basement waterproofing repair. Here are some typical causes of water infiltration in a basement:

  • Water intrusion through the top of the basement wall. This may occur if the ground outside is sloping towards your house. When rainwater flows towards your property, instead of away from it, that water is highly likely to find a point of entry above the basement wall.
  • Hydrostatic pressure. This happens when the force of gravity pushes water against the bottom of your exterior basement wall. This water will find existing cracks in the wall, or create new ones, to seep through.
  • High levels of humidity and heavy rainfall. This is a major problem in Singapore’s tropical climate, making it particularly difficult to ensure basements are kept dry and in good condition.
  • Air pockets. These resemble honeycombs and were probably created because of poorly-mixed concrete. These air pockets form holes that can result in water infiltration.

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Revo-seal’s basement waterproofing and water leak repair methods

Signs basement waterproofing, seepage repair is neededIf your basement is leaking, the probable cause is inadequate waterproofing during construction. We’ll be able to help you with basement seepage repairs.

In an article on the HouseLogic advice website for homeowners, home care columnist and author Jeanne Huber stresses the importance of choosing the right basement water leak repair option. Further, in an old house, waterproofing the basement is especially important to reduce the cost of maintenance over time.

Sealing walls

It may be possible to halt water penetration with interior basement waterproofing by just sealing the walls, ensuring all cracks and gaps are filled.

Materials suitable for a basement waterproofing crack repair include acrylic waterproofing paint, silicate-based concrete sealants, and concrete waterproofing coatings.

Lining walls and floors

Installing a reinforced, mould-resistant liner is a cost-effective method of stopping water intrusion in basement walls.

These liners keep your basement dry by redirecting moisture into the existing drainage system. A heavy-duty liner under the basement floor, with a fresh layer of flooring above, will provide additional protection.

Exterior waterproofing

However, if water is seeping in from the outside, a full-scale solution exterior basement waterproofing may be required.

Exterior waterproofing may entail digging out all around the house to the depth of the foundation walls before installing a coating to form a membrane when it has cured. Drainage panels are then installed to ensure water flows away from your foundations, possibly to a storm drain. Flexible extensions can also be attached to the ends of downspouts to ensure water is directed away from the foundations.

Our pricing for basement waterproofing

The cost of basement waterproofing and seepage repair varies from case to case, depending on factors such as:

  • Complexity of the operation
  • Size of the basement
  • Ease of access
  • Materials to be used
  • Customer’s requirement on extended warranty

Contact Revo-seal for a free assessment of your basement waterproofing requirements. We can then provide you the estimate of your particular job.

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Revo-seal technicians are experts in all aspects of residential waterproofing, including basement waterproofing systems.

Whether you’re looking for external or internal basement waterproofing, we can offer you an installation or repair service second to none to safeguard the structural integrity of the space itself and provide water-resistant protection for the foundations of your building.

Revo-seal can help you make the most of your home by creating a safe and dry basement, giving you a host of options in making full use of the space.

With close to 10 years of experience in providing residential waterproofing solutions, we’re committed to providing excellent workmanship and quality materials to give our customers a long-lasting solution to their wet basement problems.

Revo-seal will ensure you have a dry and comfortable place in which to live or work.

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