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A qualified industrial waterproofing contractor can play a vital role in keeping your business up and running by preventing the devastation that water damage causes.

An effective industrial waterproofing system has the potential to save you many thousands of dollars by preventing damage to your property and its contents.

Severe cases of water intrusion can even halt a factory’s operations, so ensuring your industrial unit is watertight against the elements has to be a top priority.

A properly-installed waterproofing system can help to retain or even increase the value of your building, whereas an inadequate water barrier or degraded water-resistance installation could pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your property.

Further, leakage from liquid storage tanks can lead to loss of materials used in production, diminished trust of customers, devastation to the surrounding environment and people working or living there, and even reduction in the profitability of the business.

Our industrial roof and floor waterproofing services safeguard factories against water damage

While waterproofing is an important aspect of protecting houses, it takes on more significance when it comes to industrial facilities, such as factories and warehouses, because of the need to safeguard the livelihood of your business and that of your employees.

A leaking roof and waterlogged floor can have devastating consequences in a factory, threatening the physical integrity of the property and damaging materials, machinery, technical equipment, and products ready for delivery to customers.

If your business involves the preparation and/or packaging of food and drinks, preventing the build-up of toxic fungi as a result of excessive moisture is imperative.

Industrial roofs are often complex, housing features such as ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Revo-seal can ensure effective roof water-resistance by applying liquid coatings that guarantee full surface coverage, even in nooks and crannies, and will cure to form a watertight membrane.

Industrial waterproofing systems for roofs include the application of acrylic, asphalt/bitumen, polyurethane (PU), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and rubber treatments; whereas industrial floor waterproofing entails the use of bentonite clay filler, cementitious applications, and PU.

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Revo-seal’s industrial waterproofing services fix water seepage problems in warehouses

Site of industrial waterproofing services renderedWarehouses are more prone to sustaining water damage than factories because they may be manned only occasionally. If they’re staffed regularly, employees may only visit certain areas infrequently, allowing water seepage to take a firm hold before it’s noticed.

Thus, your warehouse should be routinely inspected for indications of water intrusion.

A water stain on the floor should raise a red flag that there’s a leak somewhere above, which means the ceiling, roof, and walls should be checked out. Another sign of water infiltration is lights popping, which may be caused by water getting into the light fixtures.

Warehouse roofs can suffer serious damage as the result of heavy rainfall. Besides structural damage, water infiltration in a warehouse can destroy the materials and goods stored there.

Calling in Revo-seal to resolve your warehouse roof waterproofing problem before it spirals out of control will save you the inconvenience and cost of a roof replacement.

Our effective concrete tank waterproofing services

Reinforced concrete (RC) tanks are commonly used to store water and chemicals, thus it’s important that these tanks are leakproof.

Particularly for chemicals, leakages from storage tanks that go unnoticed can be disastrous not only to the environment but also to employees working on the premises and people living in the vicinity.

This is why a concrete tank leak repair must be carried out immediately by a competent waterproofing contractor to avoid the possibility of contamination.

If concrete water tank waterproofing is needed, cementitious waterproofing system is applied, possibly followed by a layer of epoxy coating. For drinking water tanks, food-grade epoxy materials would be used.

If the tank is used to keep a chemical, Revo-seal would take special care to adhere to the chemical supplier’s specific requirements for the waterproofing system installed. This is to ensure that the waterproofing membrane laid is fully compatible with the chemical stored.

We’re just as discerning when we work on underground tank waterproofing projects.

Additionally, we’ll ensure an epoxy or chemical-resistant coating is applied to the bunding or bund wall built around and the flooring of the chemical storage facility – based on regulatory requirements.

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We have the technical know-how to pinpoint and rectify water incursion problems in factories, warehouses, and other industrial units, and utilise the most advanced water-resistant materials to give you a long-lasting, highly-effective industrial waterproofing solution.

We can spare you from the costly damage that water intrusion can cause in an industrial property. And our waterproofing systems will also help to keep your maintenance costs down over the years.

The quality and durability of our work are backed by a standard warranty of 5 years, depending on the waterproofing system installed.

We’re committed to customer focus, and our highly-qualified technicians will deliver an industrial waterproofing service second to none.

Revo-seal will ensure you have a dry and comfortable place in which to live or work.

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